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Oranges and the cold weekend

2009-01-15 20:41:07 by joesephcontreras

When the weekend is here and I am not busy with my life doing things such as getting a haircut or going to church, I will make some quick spicy shit. Not sure what It will be about, I might release two new flashes.

New flash ideas?

2009-01-14 06:23:14 by joesephcontreras

You have some?

I'll make them.


New flash ideas?

first post...

2009-01-13 23:07:06 by joesephcontreras

Hi, i created this account today.

My parents are making out again there room is across hall from mine, this is a new habit they are in there forties.

Hi since you're here you might leave a comment, I'll respond.

first post...